Annual Revenue Modeling FAQs

Q. Do we provide this information globally?
A. Yes, global modeling is implemented in the global data environment for most major countries;
Q. How do we collect this information today?
A. We collect this information a variety of ways using third party sources including local government registries, phone interviews, customers own updates, etc. 
Q. How often is a modeled Sales Volume re-calculated for a D&B record?
A. The sales model runs transactionally as a record is added and updated in the database.
Q. What variables and base data are used to calculate Sales figures in the model?
A. We use such variables as Standard Industry Code (SIC), Total Number of Employees at a Location, Geographical Region, Age of Business, etc.  Full list of variables and weights is proprietary information.
Q. Do we model branch records?
A. Branch records do not carry a sales figure per global reporting standards – branch sales are reported under the HQ location.  Therefore, sales data is modeled for single locations and headquarters only.
Q. Are there any records that are excluded from being modeled?
A. Yes.  We disqualify records with certain lines of business – government (SIC 91-97), US Postal Service (SIC 4311), Private Households (SIC 8811), Unclassified SICS (SIC 9999).  We do not model Out-of-Business records, Nixies, or Delists.
Q. Can we remove a modeled Sales figure?
A. We do not remove a modeled sales figure unless the actual number is provided by the business owner or an authorized reporter of that business.  If the business owner/reporter is unwilling to provide that information, we will continue to model Revenue data so we can provide as much business insight as possible to our customers.
Q. Why are there so many records in WorldBase that have a modeled Sales figure?
A. Modeling is the process by which sales figures are derived using a model that takes into account a company’s underlying characteristics such as age, geography, line of business and other elements.  Models are built using complex statistical formulae that use samples of normative data from a country to predict a company’s sales and/or employees. 

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