Understanding Active vs. Inactive Records

The Dun & Bradstreet global database solution contains both Active and Inactive records.

Within the Data.com offerings, Active records are defined as any record that is:

  • Not Out of Business
  • Unable to Confirm (Nixie)
  • Has requested to be removed from the database (Delisted)

Inactive records are those listed as:

  • Out of Business

These records are kept in the database and are valuable for customers in several key use cases.

  • When a CRM account is matched to (or updated to) an inactive record it is an indication that something has changed in your business relationship. This should kick off a workflow to update other information in the CRM system based on the reason why the record is inactive. For example, if the business is now Out of Business, the CRM system/processes need to take action on all open activity and opportunities as part of the end of lifecycle for an account.
  • If the CRM account record is matched to an inactive record, it may indicate a Data Quality issue in the CRM. For example, if you have the address of a location that was shut down, the inactive status can kick off a process to get an updated location from the customer.

WorldBase Marketable File: This is a subset of the WorldBase Active File. Marketable records are intended to be the most useful records to a customer for marketing campaigns. Inclusion in the file is based on country specific element criteria.

Unable to Confirm (UTC) / Nixie: These records represent records showing limited to no activity and we are unable to confirm that they are active entities or are truly out of business. They are excluded from the WorldBase Active and Marketable universe. These entities are identified and include at least two or more of the following conditions:

  • Business records that contain addresses identified as “undeliverable”
  • No business activity found in Dun & Bradstreet DUNSRight Intelligence Engine
  • Phone is incorrect, disconnected, inactive or had a bad “ping”
  • Poor Address (vacant, undeliverable, low postal code score and so on)
  • Commercial sites not having an active phone (land line)
  • Moves from commercial to residential addresses
  • Business Registration at the U.S. Secretary of State goes inactive
  • New file builds with no activity after a set period of time

Delist Records: Delists are business records that are not sold at the request of the information customer at the discretion of Dun & Bradstreet. Delist records are excluded from the Dun & Bradstreet database.

Tixie Records: Tixies are business records that contain a telephone number identified as ‘no longer in service.’ Tixie records are included in the WorldBase Active universe but excluded from the WorldBase Marketable universe. Only U.S. records will have a Tixie indicator.

Inactive / Out of Business (OOB): Business is either Bankrupt (Chapter 7) or an officer or owner of the business confirmed they no longer operate and are out of business.

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