MatchGrade: Why a Record Is Matched

As part of the process of matching a customer input record, a qualitative evaluation is assigned for each component (attributes used for match) to create a MatchGrade pattern.

Each potential match receives a MatchGrade. A MatchGrade pattern is a string which explains “why” a record was matched. Dun & Bradstreet uses seven key fields for account matching which cover company name, address and phone number. For each field, a letter is issued indicating if the values were a match, partial match, non-match, or not evaluated.

  • (A) Should be considered same
  • (B) Some similarity:
  • (F) Should be considered not same:
  • (Z) Missing information to conclude:

The MatchGrade provides qualitative assessment between the comparable fields of inquiry & reference info.

MatchGrade Example
(A) Should be considered same ABC Glamor Consulting vs ABC Glamour Consulting
(B) Some similarity ABC Glamor Consulting vs. ABC Glamour
(F) Should be considered not same ABC Glamor Consulting vs Armonk Utility Co.
(Z) Missing information to conclude One or both are blank or not used

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