Understanding Delinquency Risk

The Delinquency Risk field in Data.com utilizes Dun & Bradstreet’s Marketing Pre-Screen Score to provide a simple High, Medium, Low indicator on the likelihood of a business to become delinquent on its bills within the next twelve months.

The Marketing Pre Screen is typically used in the development of target lists for Marketing Campaigns. Many customers will use the Marketing Pre-Screen to eliminate High risk prospects from a particular campaign. This can be very important for Small Business who do not have large cash flow cushions and therefore want to avoid as much payment risk as possible.

The Marketing Pre-Screen score can also serve as a way to prioritize a large list of prospects that need follow up. Leads with Low risk should be worked by the sale team prior to looking at any leads in the Medium or High categories.

The Marketing Pre-Screen score can also help sales teams identify which accounts may qualify for special financing offers vs. those accounts with higher risk that need to pay COD.

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