What Are Employee Figures?

Employees are generally defined as the total number of people who contribute to the sales and operations of a business, including principals and full or part-time employees.

Number of Employees -- Location is defined as the number of employees at a given physical site of the business.

Number of Employees -- Total is defined as the total number of people employed by all branches and subsidiaries of a business.

Number of Employees -- Global is defined as the total number of people employed by members of the global family tree.

Although this is the standard global definition, some countries have slight variations for the definition based on local needs and data collection. For example, a holding company (the Global Ultimate) in some countries may not be considered eligible for employees because it is a shell company. Also, the Employee Total figure may include only the HQ and reporting branches employee count. Therefore in global products the Employee Total could have several meanings, but most records represent the standard global definition.

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