Understanding Dun & Bradstreet’s Corporate Linkage

Linkage, in general terms, is the relationship between different business entities or specific sites within a corporate family. Linkage occurs in the Dun & Bradstreet database when one business entity has financial or legal responsibility for another business, creating a Headquarters/Branch or Parent/Subsidiary relationship. To establish corporate family relationships, each family member carries up to four D-U-N-S Numbers. All family members have the same Global Ultimate in common: Site D-U-N-S Number, The D-U-N-S number, Domestic Ultimate D-U-N-S Number, Global Ultimate D-U-N-S Number.

Monthly updates to information reflect company mergers, acquisitions, openings and closings that result in a change to the Corporate Family Linkage structure. Dun & Bradstreet has over 18 million linked records representing about 4 million Global Ultimate records. The following Corporate Family classifications are provided in Salesforce, where available, for customers subscribing to Data.com.

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