Targeting the Most Profitable Account Types

Target Most Profitable Account Types

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Industry Classification - SIC/NAICS

Marketing and sales teams who develop a laser focus only on the largest accounts can positively impact a company’s economic health. However, businesses with numerous locations or subsidiaries are hard to categorize. Simply looking at the total sales by customer may be misleading, so to be more accurate you must be able to recognize and connect all pieces of a given company.

In this example, a company identified its five biggest accounts.

A deeper view of those accounts, including how these businesses are related, uncovered some surprising facts.

Initially a single location, Company A, Inc., appeared to represent the biggest account. After examining all accounts using corporate linkage information it became clear that a roll up of corporate subsidiaries actually identified the biggest customer, CAB, Inc.

More importantly, corporate linkage revealed cross selling opportunities at subsidiaries that were not customers.

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