Better Customer, Prospect, and Vendor Insight

Growth requires specific activities and information. The use cases in this section describe how growth activities are supported by CRM workflows.

Knowing a customer requires more than having their company name, address and phone number. It means having access to accurate, curated, comprehensive information within CRM. Only with a robust set of descriptive characteristics can effective marketing and sales strategies and/or tactics be put into action. For example, model the attributes of the best or most profitable customers and focus on those initial prospects.

Case Study - Manufacturer Ready to Globalize CRM, Supply Chain and Master Data Records

A manufacturing company wanted a better understanding of its customers. Specifically, it wanted to compare each customer’s annual sales to its current spend as a potential opportunity for growth.

The company enhanced its existing data by appending a D-U-N-S Number, Global Ultimate D-U-N-S and Annual Company Revenue to existing CRM records. With these enriched data elements, they were able to establish a link between account records and create a unified view of both annual revenue and spend.

With the detailed upward linkage in place, the manufacturer was able to identify cross-sell opportunities across related accounts, upsell within existing accounts, and find new opportunities with untapped, but similar businesses.

To maintain data quality and reduce duplicates, the company implemented an ongoing process to search its instance before creating a new account. Both sales and finance were pleased with the reduced duplicates, since it shortened response times and accelerated closing sales.

When creating an account, a data steward enhances the account record with the D-U-N-S Number and Global Ultimate D-U-N-S Number. The D-U-N-S Number becomes the persistent link between and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Master Data Management (MDM) systems, which enables robust interconnectivity among enterprise systems. As a result of the data enhancements, the company improved its reporting and analytics.

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